Ethics and Sourcing

We are a self-regulating field, and we promise that we will never work with unethical breeders.

The following is a list of our Nursery Guidelines:
  • Puppies must be born on premise to the breeder, and not transported into their facility
  • Puppies must be at least 8 weeks before being transported
  • Breeders must have a socialization plan in place for all adult dogs
  • Breeders must have retirement and rehoming plans for all their adult dogs, not breeding past the ages of 4-6 years
Puppy Dog Nursery founder Sheila
  • Dogs will only be humanely retired and rehomed, giving every breeding dog a chance to be a house pet
  • The dogs must have multiple flooring options to walk and rest on
  • Non-whelping dogs must have 24-hour, indoor and outdoor access when the facilities are not being cleaned
  • Each kennel should have a play yard available for the dogs to use daily, with enrichments. These should be big enough for the adult dogs to get up to a full gallop and should be free from anything harmful in the environment
  • There should be a separate area for whelping mothers and pups and should have extra safety precautions such as bumpered edges
  • All dogs should come microchipped from the breeder, to ensure the identity, parentage, and breeder are all accurate and easily tracked
  • Parents should have genetic testing for major issues associated with the breed
  • 4 generation pedigree as well as pictures of the parents should be accessible upon request
  • Any medical conditions of the dogs should be seen and treated only by a licensed veterinarian
  • All vaccines and worming should be kept on the same predetermined schedule, set up and overseen by a licensed veterinarian. All medications should be stored and administered correctly by a trained professional
  • All dogs should have regular dental care and grooming

Disclaimer: Exceptions may be made on an individual breeder basis if there is an improvement plan in place for upgrades to their facilities.