Fostering Abilities and Finding Forever Homes

Puppy Dog Nursery specializes in matching families with pure bred and purpose bred puppies which are ethically sourced, while serving as a training ground for adults with disabilities to get the job skills they require to enter the workforce. We encourage people to stop in anytime to play with our puppies. It’s free, and it helps us reach our socialization goal for each dog.

Meet Sheila Noonan

Sheila Noonan is the original founder of Puppy Dog Nursery and has been working directly with puppies since 2016. She is the proud fur momma to three lovable pooches, each of whom came from a very different background with their own unique lessons in unconditional love.

Kennedy America

Miss America was purchased from a local pet store and had the privilege of being raised there with all the puppies for her formative years. Kennedy is a true leader and knows when to roll the Rottweilers on their back at the dog park, and when to snuggle sweetly a little puppy brought home at night for some extra loving.

Gracie Anne

Gracie Anne is a Boston Terrier, who was rescued in May of 2020, and was not well socialized with children or men. She can lash out when her patience threshold runs low, and she has both attachment and anxiety issues. We continue to work on confidence building and Gracie Anne now loves to play fetch for hours!! Something it took her almost half a year to learn and enjoy.

Duke Wellington

Duke is a wonderfully good-natured male French Bulldog. He came to our pack as a retired breeding sire at the age of 1.5. Duke was retired due to a Hereditary health defect which has cost us a significant amount of money to treat over the years. He is the sweetest, 30lb, brick house of love who just wants to give all the kisses.

We at Puppy Dog Nursery believe that whether you decide to adopt, or shop, being informed and doing it ethically is essential.

Out of this blended, furry family, was born the idea that a puppy store could exist to do more than simply bring healthy pups into the market. Our nursery aims to address the fundamental behaviors and to guide the personality of the puppies in our care during this pivotal time in their development.

A few ways we are tangibly working towards our goal of development is through our proprietary potty training program, daily bite inhibition training, and tons of socialization from people like you!!

Affordable and Community Minded

One notable feature at Puppy Dog Nursery is our transparent sliding scale of pricing, which allows you to pay for only the services you use. This puts you back in control while choosing the coverage, benefits, and budget that is right for your family.

Puppy Dog Nursery is a place that families are proud to say they support. From helping you pick out the perfect dog breed, to the lifetime of support we offer, Puppy Dog Nursery is more than a store. We are a community of like minded dog lovers.

Michigan-made, unique dog goods will be on sale in our nursery. These specialty items will be sold on a consignment basis, with our portion of the proceeds going to local charity. Puppy Dog Nursery will serve as an incubator for other budding entrepreneurs in this regard, so please email us if you are interested in partnering.